Ponzi Doge Game


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Only send from your private wallet. (Do not use web/exchange wallets)

2. Only send when timer is ticking everything before start time or after end time will not be counted and forfeited.

3. Any deposits UNDER the minimum or OVER the maximum will be not be counted.

4. Do not play unless you are ready to lose.

How does this game work?

Send coins to address on the main page, and you'll get back 120%. The returns on your coins come from other players, so as long as people deposit after you, your payout is likely!

Why does my deposit show a different address or does not show?

Your deposit Address may look different because there is no such thing as "senders address" in current crypto currencies, there are inputs and outputs what can show up is your "change" address . Please look for first few characters of your transaction ID to locate your transaction and the verify the input address on the blockchain. This is the reason for not using web/exchange wallets!

Transaction slightly out of order?

Believe it or not some transactions come in at exactly the same time so they will be treated as same transaction get paid in random/available balance order. This has happened before. Database screenshot

Why is it called ponzi?

This game is called ponzi to educate users about the fraudulent PONZI investment named after Charles Ponzi (Ponzi Scheme- Wikipedia). Obviously if it was a real ponzi we would not call it that since the whole point of a ponzi is to trick investors into believing their investment is legitimate! This game displays ponzi dynamic and all players are willing and knowing participants.

How do I know I won't be scammed?

You can view ALL of our activity on the Blockchain. It's impossible for us to cheat you out of your money without EVERYONE seeing.

The round ended and I didn't get paid out. What the hell?

Please understand that 20-25% of deposits will not get paid because they are used to fund the first who played. Unlucky, the last players of each round take the highest gamble. Try again on the next round!

How long does it take to receive the payout?

It depends on the pool balance and how many people are depositing.

Why can't I use a web/exchange wallet?

If you used a web wallet, you'd be paying from a shared address.
We'd have no way of knowing what address to send your payout to! Don't do it.

Do you take any fees?

We may take a very modest 5%. It does not come out from the 120% of your winning payout!

Last recorded transaction gets 250% back.

Recorded means that it is the last/final transaction in the list with a status of pending or confirmed when the timer runs out.

(Transactions are recorded via CRON ... which runs every 1 minute so it will be hard to know which one gets recorded or in which order so its a game of chance.)

Please do not play it if you are not ready to lose the coins. We don't know which last transaction gets recorded its systematic.

If your transaction is not the last one or it is not recorded those coins go according to following order:
1. Pay the 250% bonus to the "last recorded transaction"
2. Pay outstanding transactions in the regular order from oldest to newest
3. Remaining unclaimed balance that is not enough to pay next in line will remain with operator
(For future cases when there may not be enough transactions to cover the 250% pay back of "last recorded transaction")